Teachers' Remarks that Changed the History of Physics

  1. Archimedes, you are late again. Don't tell me that you were locked again in the bathroom.
  2. Copernicus, when will you understand that you are not the center of the world?
  3. Galileo, if you will drop stones from the top of the tower one more time, you will be dismissed forever.
  4. Kepler, till when will you stare at the sky?
  5. Newton, will you please stop idling away under the apple tree?
  6. Volta, I can see you have a lot of potential.
  7. Ohm, must you resist Ampère's opinions on current events?
  8. Nikola Tesla, I see that everyone is attracted to your magnetic personality.
  9. Einstein, a crocodile is greener or is it wider?
  10. Schrödinger, stop abusing cats!
  11. Heisenberg, when will you be sure of yourself?

Sent by: Joke Labs posted on 10 February 2007