You Might Be an Engineer if...

  • Your favorite James Bond character is "Q".
  • You see a good design and still have to change it.
  • You still own a slide rule and you know how to use it.
  • Your family haven't the foggiest idea what you do at work.
  • In college you thought Spring Break was metal fatigue failure.
  • You have modified your can-opener to be microprocessor driven.
  • You are better with a Karnaugh map than you are with a street map.
  • You think the real heroes of "Apollo 13" were the mission controllers.
  • You take a cruise so you can go on a personal tour of the engine room.
  • You think "cuddling" is simply an unproductive application of heat exchange
  • You have owned a calculator with no equal key and know what RPN stands for.
  • You make four sets of drawings (with seven revisions) before making a bird bath.
  • You have trouble writing anything unless the paper has horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Your ideal evening consists of fast-forwarding through the latest sci-fi movie looking for technical inaccuracies.
  • You think the value of a book is directly proportionate to the amount of tables, charts and graphs it contains.

Sent by: Joke Labs posted on 06 January 2007