You Might Be a Chemist if...

  1. You carry your lab safety goggles around with you at all times, just in case...
  2. You don't drink water, you drink H2O.
  3. You start disagreeing with movies and TV shows on scientific aspects.
  4. You carry a base solution around with you at all times, just in case one of those freak Hydrochloric acid spills happen.
  5. You become very agitated when people refer to air as Oxygen, and proceed to list all of the components of air.
  6. Instead of writing ozone you write O3.
  7. You start referring to the smell of nail polish remover as an acetone smell.
  8. You no longer ask for Tylenol, you ask for acetaminophen.
  9. You actually enjoy going to Chemistry class.
  10. You think a mole is a unit of amount, rather than a small furry animal in your lawn.
  11. You pronounce unionized as "un-ion-ized", instead of "union-ized".
  12. You wash your hands before you go to the bathroom.
  13. You start explaining the condensation of water vapour every time your soda can has water drops and people think water is coming out of the can.

Sent by: Joke Labs posted on 09 December 2006