14 Signs the Company You Work for Is Going Under

  1. They start paying everyone in sea shells.
  2. Company President now driving a Ford Escort.
  3. Company Softball Team is converted to a Chess Club.
  4. Conference room has been turned into chinchilla farm.
  5. Dr. Kevorkian is hired as an "Outplacement Coordinator".
  6. The Dairy Queen on the corner is threatening a hostile takeover.
  7. The beer supplied by the Company at picnics is in unlabeled cans.
  8. Your boss casually asks you if you know anything about starting fires.
  9. When you say, "See you tomorrow," the watchman laughs uncontrollably.
  10. People saying "Remember folks, we're not Downsizing, we're Rightsizing!"
  11. The women are suddenly very friendly with the dorky Personnel Manager.
  12. The chairman walks by your desk and says, "Hey, Hey! Easy on the staples!"
  13. Annual Company Holiday Bash moved from the Sheraton to the local Taco Bell.
  14. Your CEO has a dart board marked with all existing departments in the Company.

Sent by: Joke Labs posted on 01 December 2006